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I learned how the quality of food impacts my health and how a diet laden with processed foods and sugar adds to my body’s “toxic burden” and how taking the time to “detox” is profoundly loving to body, mind and spirit. I learned how nutrient dense, seasonal, natural foods help ease this “toxic burden” calms inflammation and facilitates the body in healing itself. And the recipes from natural foods chef extraordinaire, Erin Stewart, are delicious, easy to follow and can be a snap, even for those who don’t consider themselves a cook. I learned how mindfulness affects my overall health and focusing on this non-judgmental awareness can especially serve to offset the “negatively bias” we all have especially during times of stress. I learned about the major tenets of positive psychology (PERMA) and how focusing on these characteristics can enhance my life and strengthen my relationships, not only with others, but with myself. The highlight of the program for me was the daily talks on FB live. The nuggets of information shared from Dr. Latib from a functional medicine point of view and Henry from a positive psychology point of view are now deeply engrained and will serve to elevate my health and wellness going forward. The quality of the program is exceptional and the information shared, especially for those seeking a more meaningful and purposeful life, is priceless.