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Zinc Challenge 8 oz (ZIN22)


Zinc Challenge 8 oz (ZIN22)

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Zinc Challenge 8 oz (ZIN22)-NutrimentRx

Zinc Challenge 8 oz

Zinc sulphate monohydrate in a base of distilled water.
Each 2 tsp provides Zinc sulfate monohydrate 8 mg.

Refrigerate After Opening

Take 2 tsp of this solution and hold it in mouth for 10-30 secs. Refer to taste catgories for results. This product may be swallowed.

One of the following catagories should be applicable to your response of tasting 2 tsps of this solution:
1. No specific taste noticed during the period holding the solution in mouth indicates a low zinc level.
2. A slight taste of rusty nails noticed during the time period indicates a slightly low zinc level.
3. An immediate and strong taste indicates an adequate zinc level.
The sooner and stronger the taste of this product is noticed, the more zinc is present in the body.
USAGE: If you fall into catagories 1-2, take 2 tsp per day as a zinc supplement until adequate levels of zinc are obtained.